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About Our Lighters

Our lighters are made from high quality metal chrome. We don't use cheap stickers or dull engravings on our lighters! So your new lighter won't break, and your custom picture won't fade or peel off. Our lighters are of the highest quality.

Each lighter is finished with a crystal clear enamel coating to protect your picture from fading. This also protects the picture from getting scratched or damaged. There's no point in buying a customized lighter of your picture is gone in a month. This is why we only use quality products for our lighters.

We don't just send you a metal case. You get a high quality wick and flint. You just need to fill it with lighter fluid. Other companies make money by selling you just a metal case, even though you purchased a lighter. Our lighters are ready-to-go, just add lighter fluid. We would include lighter fluid, but it's illegal to ship in the mail.

To get started, you can browse through our gallery of pre-made lighter designs, or you can upload your own picture for us to put on a lighter.

Normally, we charge a flat rate of $20.00 per lighter, that includes making your custom lighter, shipping and handling. But for the month of May, all lighters are 25% off! This means our lighters are only $15.00. Make sure you get your order in soon!

Your lighter will be customized and dropped in the mail in about three days.
Secure payment through PayPal, all major credit cards accepted.
100% money-back guarantee.